CHAT Canada facilitates the ongoing conversation around healthy aging – physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Check in regularly to find media, articles, and contributions from the community of older adults about the experience of aging.


Centre for Healthy Aging and Transitions (CHAT) began many years ago and has evolved into CHAT CANADA.

“Be transparent. Let’s build a community that allows hard questions and honest conversations so we can stir up transformation in one another.” Germany Kent


A lot of information and research has been done on “aging” and yet there is so much more we do not know about the journey of aging and transformation in the 2nd half of our lives.

What we CAN do is create a gathered voice where our stories, questions, needs, concerns, wisdom, and ideas are shared.

We believe that in this conversation we will share also in the transforming work of God’s grace continually growing in us as we age together.


The vision for this space is growing. The hope is for it to be a meeting place where:

  • meaningful connections can develop
  • mutual learning between people and generations can be cultivated
  • questions, thoughts, and ideas are safe to share

When we dialogue and ask questions, we learn we are not alone:

  • in this journey of aging
  • caring for our aging
  • finding purpose together as a community and people of God.

This website is a place where the journey can be nurtured:  where relationships are fostered, where learning happens, and where your voice can be shared across the miles and generations. 

We invite you to listen in and contribute to this conversation that will transform how we live in community with our brothers, sisters, friends, neighbours, and families as we age. 

By asking questions, we listen, learn, and share ideas
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We invite you to share and submit events you know of related to the conversation on aging.

Join the conversation.

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with Paul Pearce

People of faith need a framework to understand retirement. There is a common term used in our culture regarding the unprecedented growth of people over 55: the grey tsunami. But tsunamis are destructive and leave devastation in their wake…


by Richard Johnson

This series of articles were by Dr. Richard P. Johnson of the Johnson Institute. It was published over the course of 35 days in 2020, in a series of email newsletters, during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is written with the intention of bringing hope to those who felt vulnerable in an anxious and uncertain time. 


with Barbara Hein and Cory Seibel

Navigating Midlife Transitions was hosted as a webinar on April 18th, 2020. This series is for anyone (single, married, or single again) entering midlife or beyond, who may have been wondering about what’s next for the second half of life and how to move forward with renewed passion and purpose.

Paul Pearce
Faye Reynolds
Mary Dickau
Matthew Kitchener
Patrick Hsu

The Centre for Healthy Aging Transitions  developed out of an exploration of Older Adult Resourcing in 2012.   As partners together – Beulah Garden Homes Society, Canadian Baptists of Western Canada, and CAREY, – we continue to give a home for CHAT, seed funding, staff time, dialogue, prayerful discernment, and creative initiative.  

It is our hope to provide a faith-informed approach to healthy aging and life’s transitions through seminars, denominational workshops, credit courses and this website hub for offering resources and connecting with each other.  We believe that these will lead to help and transformation for us and through us to the world around us.

Would you consider supporting this?  Let’s continue the conversation and be a resource for the generations today and those to follow.   Thank you.

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