Aging Wisdom – Lessons 11-20


by Richard P. Johnson

Aging teaches me…

11. To become more comfortably “Who” I am
12. To seek Love everywhere
13. To honor close relationships
14. To live in the holy present moment
15. That the “maturing years” can be my finest spiritual hour
16. The power and necessity of forgiveness
17. That I have no more need for anger
18. The immense value of letting go
19. That I feel best when I give of myself
20. That as I celebrate (not just practice) my faith, I find a new childlike freshness

© Richard P. Johnson, Ph.D.

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This article was originally published in an email newsletter. Reposted with permission.

About the author

Dr. Johnson is nationally recognized for his pioneering work in Healing and Medical Behavioral Sciences. As Director of Behavioral Medicine at a large teaching medical center, Dr. Johnson was responsible for teaching medical interns and residents the “art” of medicine. He has taught hundreds of persons interested in healing. His fresh ideas and enthusiasm for the spiritual aspects of adult development and healing have inspired scores of maturing adults to follow their hearts and live more abundant lives. He is a dynamic, engaging, and compassionate teacher who delights in seeing his students grow personally and spiritually. He has written many articles and over 40 books all focused upon God’s expansive grace. Dr. Johnson is a devoted Catholic Christian; he and his wife Sandra live in St. Louis, they have three grown children and six grandchildren. Dr. Johnson holds a doctorate degree in clinical counseling from the University of Florida; he was also awarded an honorary doctorate from Holy Cross College, Notre Dame, Indiana in 2010.

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