Can Music Make a Difference in the Lives of Seniors?


“I have known Bev Foster since we were both ‘knee-high to a grasshopper’ and there is much I could tell,….  Like how music oozes out of her fingers and her voice; how she is driven to know, understand and participate in the world around her; how she loves people; and how God loves and comforts people through her.  There is more that you will learn about her when you head over to Room 217 Foundation, but the most important thing I know about my friend is this:  
Bev Foster is not afraid to place her vulnerable sorrows into the grace-filled hands of God; to let this grace provide for her healing and transformation; then to offer this grace all wrapped up in the gift of beautiful music to the dying and those who love them, all across Canada.  Read her story and be encouraged.” Mary Dickau  

“Music unravels a memory, mends a thought, masks a pain, recaptures a moment and leaves a trail of healing in its gentle wake.” – Dr. Kalyan Subrahmanyam

In 2009, the Room 217 Foundation began, named in honour of dad. We started by creating music used for palliative and end of life care. The Room 217 mission is expanding. We lead care partners in an innovative approach to care using music and network communities of learning and practice for mutual support.

We equip caregivers with confidence to integrate music into regular practice through our
training programs and conferences. We innovate new music care products for a variety of needs like dementia care, and reminiscence. We inspire new ways of doing care through music by sharing insights and knowledge of music and health thought and practice. We collaborate in research that advances music care topics and practice.

Room 217 works with care partners in various settings including long-term and continuing care residential homes, assisted living, hospices, adult day programs, hospitals, Alzheimer societies, community living, private homes and faith communities across Canada.

Can music make a difference in peoples lives?  What are your stories?  How have you seen music play a role in connecting, healing, or inspiring seniors?   Do you have a story where generations are connecting through music?