Why is Intergenerational learning needed more than ever? There seems to be a growing irony in our internet connected society. Currently we have boundless access to information and the ability to connect socially in ways never before dreamed possible. Email, texting, mobile phone access, Facebook, and videoconferencing all allow for instantaneous communication, often across fairly...
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Are You An Aging or Maturing Adult?
There are a number of terms being used today to describe our current aging demographic, for example: “seniors,” “older adults,” “aging boomers,” or “maturing adults.” I will not develop in this article the appropriateness or difficulties implied in using one term over the other. It is apparent from the literature and informative to our ministries...
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A Time to Care, A Time to Share
An article was recently passed along to me which I would encourage you to read: Reestablishing Rhythms of Remembering by Benjamin Mast, published through Cardus Magazine online. The article explored how the ancient rhythms of the church provide a unique gift for an aging society. The church has an emerging pastoral and missional season over the next 20-25...
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