Darkness to Dawn by Laurie Barber


Review by Mary Dickau

The year of 2020 has plunged the world into unknown transition in all sorts of ways. Some of this unknown-ness (to coin a word) has instigated a measure of space – rest, time on our hands, reflection on what is truly important and necessary, and a desire for connection. In other ways it has also caused a sense of fear, anxiety about the future and having to grasp beyond our ‘box of comfortable’ towards hope in what is true and real. Our faith gives us tools that enable us to walk our future out; however, like every transition we have ever moved through, transition begins with a sense of not being able to see along with the question of what it all could possibly mean….

So Laurie Barber’s poem and music called Darkness to Dawn is particularly apt for today. In his composition, Laurie has created a beautiful, calm and comforting, oasis experience of goodness and hope. It is based on the truth of God’s care and commitment to us, and trust that He will complete the good news of death to resurrection in this world, which was inaugurated through Christ.

I invite you to settle in and enjoy this offering. For more good things, check out Laurie’s website at lauriebarber.ca – Tochar Studios – and watch for more from him on this site.

Laurie Barber is retired after many years of work as pastor and area minister for Canadian Baptists. But as always, his shepherding heart continues to give care and comfort as he showcases the creative movement of the Spirit in our life with Christ.

Source: http://www.lauriebarber.ca/words/corona-virus

About the author

Mary Dickau offers Spiritual and Community Care for a community of more than 350 Older Adult residents at Beulah Gardens. Mary is an elder at Grandview Calvary Baptist Church, and her other job is facilitating an urban retreat called Stillpointe, where she hosts weekly rhythms of prayer and meets with people for Spiritual Direction and Healing Prayer. She is passionate about looking for the love and grace of God found within our shared stories and journey of life. Mary's family includes three adult sons, two daughters-in-law, a therapy dog named Bella and whoever walks in their door. Mary is a founding member of CHAT.

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