In his book published in the early ‘70s LEARN TO GROW OLD (Harper & Row/1972) Paul Tournier was prophetic for our generation and culture today when he writes: The serious factor in our day is the increase in the numbers of the old, which creates in Menie Gregoire’s apt phrase, ‘a sort of racial problem’. ....
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During the recent season between Easter Sunday and Ascension Sunday, we have been reminded of the continuing mission given by Jesus to his followers to “make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19 ESV). Since that time, the church has been faithful and committed to Jesus’ challenge with the result that disciples are now present around...
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HEALTHY AGING AND DEMENTIA There is a growing focus in the varied media sources about the concerns related to the aging population and dementia. These concerns usually are addressing the financial impact society will face in trying to cope with health care costs and other social support services. The two top concerns for the “boomers”...
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